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18 Oktober 2014, pukul 14.00
Muara dua, Sumatera Selatan.

Ziarah dulu ke dusun Sukabanjar (sama nyonya), Muara Dua, Sumatera Selatan.

Muara Dua, 19 Oktober 2014.
#wedding #sumatera

Dusun sukabanjar (dusun ibu mertua), Muara Dua, Sumatera Selatan.
#indonesia #sumatera #bukanjakarta #culturetrip

Siap - siap, 18 Oktober 2014

Coba pelihara Panana deh.

Matsui Rena !

Matsui Rena !


On this day, September 2, 1944, Navy pilot George Bush is shot down into enemy waters during World War II.

George Bush joined the Navy on June 12, 1942, on his 18th birthday.  He received his commission on June 9, 1943, becoming the youngest naval aviator of the time.  During World War II, Bush flew torpedo bombers, completing 58 missions.

On a run over Chichi Jima in 1944, his plane was hit by anti-aircraft fire. Bush bailed out and was rescued by a Navy submarine, but tragically, his two crew members were killed. For his service during WWII, Bush was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross and three Air Medals.

Photos:  Downed pilot George Bush is rescued by the Navy submarine, USS Finback. 9/2/44; Navy Pilot portrait, WWII; USS Finback.

More — Military and Navy Photos of George Bush from the Bush Library

(via greatestgeneration)


"I left a management position with a monthly 8 digit salary (Indonesian Rupiah), an entire office, and several employees I was in charge of. I quit my job because I missed my family. My wife passed away 5 years ago while I was thousands of miles away. She collapsed and died suddenly and I was not by her side. It crushed my heart. She was a very beautiful woman and she was my high school sweetheart. Last year, my youngest son threatened to kill himself. He was angry at me because i never stopped working and we didn’t get to see each other enough. I went out of town a lot for work, sometimes for month-long stretched. I know he’s probably just trying to get my attention but i can’t ignore it. I mean, I love my job, but i didn’t enjoy my work anymore. My work kept me away from what was truly important in my life; family. I eventually gave up my job and started a different career path. It was hard but I think it’s worth it."

Agus, a taxi driver and a former journalist.

Amazing Story :)


Hampir tiap malam, ni minuman menemani gw Maraton Manga.

Musikku musik legal, Yuk cobain aplikasi LangitMusik atau akses *616#

Tiap hari entah berapa kali gw menikmati produk yahudi ini di kantor. :))